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When you list your home on the market, have your home staged from DAY 1. The first 30 days your home is listed you’ll get more total traffic than day 31-180. Here are some tips to prepare your home to get the most money for it!

  1. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Think about the cleanest your house has ever been, and make it cleaner. Home buyers LOVE a clean home. The number 1 buyer turn off is unpleasant smells – neutralize the home of any scents.
  2. Lighting – Replace all your lights with 60 watt light bulbs. If any rooms seem dark, add in a lamp to brighten it up.
  3. Blank Canvas the Home – The less of you there is in the home, the better a buyer can imagine themselves living there. This means any photos, toys, small personal decorations, and any personal paperwork (mail, documents, etc) should be packed away. It’s OK to leave framed landscape pictures or some professional art, don’t overwhelm but you do want it to look like a home.
  4. Paint – Touch up any paint that’s been chipped. Freshen up baseboards and window/door frames with a fresh coat. Paint any rooms that are very bold color – buyers like neutral.
  5. Clear ALL Surfaces – Kitchen counters should be clear of 99% of items, put away any appliances, food, cooking utensils, etc. Bathroom counters should be clear of any personal items, pack or place in drawers. Tables should be completely clear of items, except possibly a centered decoration – such as a bowl of lemons. Bedroom side tables should have no items except lamps on them. Desks should be completely tidy and as much that can be stored away should be.
  6. Throw Pillows and Towels – Purchasing some new throw pillows can give your living/family room a new feeling. New home builders always have the nicest throw pillows. Add some brand new plush bath towels to enhance the bathrooms. This is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home. Purchase something you will enjoy in your new home after the sale.
  7. Maximize Space – Remove large pieces of furniture, but not all furniture. Leaving some pieces to help people see how their furniture would fit the space is helpful. Don’t forget closets. Closets should only be filled to 1/3-1/2 of capacity. This allows the buyer to see how much space really is there for all their things. Packed closets make them seem small.
  8. Landscape – Make sure your lawn is well taken care of and the hedges are trimmed. If outdoor maintenance isn’t your thing, this may be the time to hire someone to come bi-weekly while your home is on the market. If the exterior of the home is cared for, buyers will come. If you have a pool make sure it is clear and blue. Stage patio furniture to show how lovely your back yard is to spend time there.

I hope these tips help you get more money for your home. Always feel free to reach out to us for a free in home evaluation.
Happy Selling!

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